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So i just searttd yesterday and am already sore its great. I just had a question about day 2 . for the tabata intervals is it 8 rounds of each exercise or 8 rounds of alternating between them?


This is such a great idea, and I look forward to doing these wods and pitnosg! Thanks for putting it together. I also competed at the Master's event at CF Sweatshop and remember this workout well. Kevin S., I hope you'll be competing at our Nor Cal 40 s event at TJ's Gym Novato on Feb 13th! It sounds like you are. This should be a great event for ages 40-49, so anyone out there, let me know if you have any questions. You can click on the Nor Cal 40 s icon on the home page if you want more info. Should be a great day, and it's being programmed by Andy Petranek at CFLA so it won't be biased for any of our TJ's Gym athletes, including me!Thanks again for this great outlet for us 40-and-up CFers!

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